Zeta G200X Grinding helmet & Consumable package


This package features Zeta G200X grinding helmet, Sweatband, Visor for G 5-pack and Tear film for G 10-pack. Zeta G200X grinding helmet has wide visor and lightweight design. The integrated LED work lights provide an extra boost, illuminating your workspace and enhancing your precision throughout the entire workday. Included in this package is a sweatband which is designed to keep you dry and comfortable. Visor for G (5-pack) protection plates are specifically tailored for Zeta G200 and G200X helmets, providing an extra layer of defense to ensure your safety during grinding operations. Tear Film for G (10-pack) grinding visor protection film included in this package is designed for Zeta G200 and G200X helmets. This all-inclusive bundle provides you with the necessary accessories to enhance your work ergonomics, visibility, and comfort.

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  • Large 200 mm high grinding visor with 180° horizontal view 
  • Lightweight and well-balanced design improve the work ergonomics
  • Smooth inner surface enables improved hygiene
  • Certified by EN 166 with medium energy impact B

Technical specification

Weight 345 g
Operating temperature range -5...+55 °C
Storage temperature range -20...+50 °C
EN 166 Yes
Visor size 200 mm in height, 180° horizontal view


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SWEATBAND 5/27/2024

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Visor for G 5-pack 5/27/2024

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Tear film for G 5/27/2024

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